5 tips for a relaxed video interview

Still not on board the video train? We know that you probably are fully aware that video in your digital marketing will give you a wider brand attention, rank you higher in search engines and provide a great tail effect for extensive use. But did you also know that video is four times more likely to be watched compared to written content. And that 85% of prospects looking at product videos are more likely to end up buying.

Four most common types of videos

Besides video beeing a perfect platform for telling a story, we are also strong believers that the content has to be personal, genuine and not over polished to make it speak to the heart of the audience.

Getting close and personal

A good example of being close and personal is when we teamed up with Stihl to invite B2B-customers to explore the new STIHL BatterySystem PRO. The mission was to use the product in their everyday work life, evaluate different functions and the overall experience. In addition, we met up with one of the participant customers to record a trueview based on his experience.

“Working with video (and humans) is fun, rewarding and smart“

The result is a two minute testimonial video with a personal touch. No manuscript, just two persons behind the camera and Johan the gardener. Working with video (and humans) is fun, rewarding and smart. We hope you feel the authentic vibe in this one:

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5 tips for a relaxed video interview

Working with “real people” provides a filter of genuinity but also comes with challenges since they are not used to “acting” in front of a camera. To give you a head start, we put together a shortlist with 5 tips that can guide you in the pursuit of personal and engaging video content.

1. Every person is terrified to say something wrong. Always start by informing that making mistakes is totally human and that you have both battery and memory for million takes. At least! Always exude a calmness and that we’ll have fun along the way.

2. Before they can think through their answers too carefully, make a test run where you let the camera roll while the customer share their spontaneous experiences. Often these answers are the most natural when they come top of mind and without pressure.

3. Looking deep in your eyes can, for many, create extra nervousness. Therefore ask the consumer to fix their eyes on something else in the background. A fire extinguisher on the wall or a tree branch when you´re outside does the job well!

4. If possible, try to avoid mounting the camera on the tripod. We´ve noticed that a gimbal or a run-and-gun setup often takes the pressure off rather than having the camera attached to a large stand which makes it more formal.

5. For the interview to go smoothly, clear roles are needed for everyone behind the camera. This professional approach and calmness will rub off on the person in front of the camera.

Beside the above advices, you need a lot of water, soft knees (if you hold the camera) and a deodorant you trust! Another key is to shoot more sequences and angles than you think you need. Go the extra mile for the last clip as it makes life easier in post production.

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