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"Smartson is transparent to both the consumer and the advertiser, which generates confidence"

The ambitious campaign Experience Epic Estonia has now been launched, in which Smartson helped to find interested travellers for Tallink Silja and Visit Estonia. There were a total of 97 activities to choose from wherethose selected were able to travel to Estonia with a friend, experience and accommodation included.

Hello to Hilda Rosén!
Huge congratulations on a successful campaign! What media choices did you make before the launch and what did Smartson contribute as a channel, in your view?

- The goal for the first stage of the campaign was reach to drive clicks to the landing page and to generate 5,000 signed up test pilots for the Epic Estonia activation. We chose visibility via large format outdoor ads in the metro and reach sites online in combination with Smartson. We felt Smartson was an obvious choice as they are constantly helping customers to find committed test pilots. Smartson also reaches an interesting target group that is keen to get involved and participate to a greater extent compared with other sites.

What do you think of the trend in today’s marketing where recommendations and digital ambassadors have become an important element for many brands?
- I see it as being very natural. Today’s consumers are deluged with messages and offers and that puts pressure on them to make the right choices. This leads to a need to create a sense of reassurance and guide consumers through all the choices.

What values do you see concepts such as Smartson sharevertising offering to today’s marketing?
- Smartson is transparent towards its consumers and advertisers, which generates trust. This trust reassures end consumers when they face a buying decision. Smartson also helps companies finding out what which product properties needs to be changed/improved to constantly increase the crowdscore and ultimately lead to higher sales.

Finally, are you happy with the number of people who applied from Smartson?
- Smartson contributed 66% of the test pilots and the investment in Smartson was less than 5% of the total spend for this phase. The team at PHD and the end customers Tallink Silja in partnership with EAS are extremely pleased with the result.

Hilda Rosén
PHD Sweden - Account Manager
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