"A fast and efficient way to spread your message and create buzz around your product "

Hello Susanne, Nordic Brand Manager L300! Tell us why you wanted to use sharevertising and Smartson?
- We had heard about Smartson and how you’ve worked with other industries which got us intrigued. Using Smartson is a great way to get consumers to try our products and help us spread the positive message. We know that consumers enjoy our products and this enables us to cummunicate it effectively. It also gives us an opportunity to receive feedback on our products that we wouldn’t normally get.

You got a high crowdscore - 83% recommends your product, how does that feel?
- We already knew we had a good quality product, but of course it’s always nervous not knowing if it will be a positive or negative result from the consumers. We are delighted that so many choose to recommend L300 Bright & Firm.

How will you use your crowdscore?
- Nothing has been decided yet but we will definately make use of our crowdscore both in store and in other ways later this autumn.

What value does sharevertising create?
- It’s a fast and efficient way to spread your message and create buzz around your product. Because the test is conducted with independent consumers, who will share their reviews and experiences, the message is conveyed in an honest and credible way. To be able to take part of consumer opinions and ratings is something we really appreciate.

Susanne Edenby
Nordic Brand Manager L300

Campaign site: https://smartson.se/resultat/l300-bright-firm/