Lotus Biscoff

"Crowdscore has created the opportunity for multiple external exposures and increased sales"

Today we’re celebrating with our partner Lotus Biscoff which was recommended by Smartson’s test pilots in spring 2016. Here you can read our interview with Minéa Håkans, Nordic Brand Manager Lotus.

What can we learn from your work after a strong recommendation from 871 consumers?

- Our crowdscore (recommended by 92% of consumers) has been communicated in stores, on shelves and next to other strategic locations from week 11 2016. We have seen extremely good sales trends for Lotus Biscoff so far – up 17% so far this year at ICA.

How has Smartson’s crowdscore been received and what function did the symbol have in your communication?

- We believe that communicating the crowdscore and launching our ½-pallet expo immediately afterwards have directly contributed towards the upswing. Lotus Biscoff is still quite an unfamiliar name to Swedish consumers and here the crowdscore acts as a third-party endorsement, which increases trust. We will continue to communicate our crowdscore in store until the end of 2016.

About the campaign

Campaign page: https://smartson.se/resultat/lotus-biscoff/
Product: Lotus Biscoff (250 g)
Indicative price: 17 SEK
Client: Lotus Bakeries
Number of test pilots: 871
Number of applicants: 6,165
Test period: January - February 2016

The test was conducted by Smartson at no cost to the test pilots. The task is to test the product and share the experiences through a shared blog, in social channels and to evaluate the product.