"A very professional and friendly partner to work with. We would be happy to do it again!"

Hello to Maria Hedström, Nordic Brand Manager for Daylong, Galderma Nordic. Why were you interested in sharevertising with Smartson?
- We know that 60% of consumers want someone else to have tried a product before they themselves test it. Lots of people are looking for ‘testimonials’ online and thanks to our great crowdscore from Smartson with 97% recommending Daylong Kids, we’re convinced that more people will try out and become aware of our product.

An impressive 97% of the test pilots would recommend Daylong Kids to a friend. How does that feel?
- Naturally we’re delighted and proud about this fantastic result. Daylong are high quality products that use the very latest technology to protect the skin. Having this confirmed by independent users strengthens the impression of high quality and that we have a product that keeps its promises. We have received very many positive comments and the vast majority think that Daylong is the best product they have tried. We will be making great use of the result in our various marketing activities.

How will you use your crowdscore?
- We’ve already started using it in our Facebook advertising, on our own website and in mailings and shelf banners for Lloyds Apotek pharmacies where Daylong is sold. Our sales staff use it actively in communication with pharmacy managers and consumers, most recently in Tylösand. We will also use our excellent crowdscore when attempting to gain a listing with more pharmacy chains later in the autumn.

What benefits have you seen from using Smartson and sharevertising?
- Sharevertising is a very quick and cost-effective way of building awareness of a brand and product. The message is passed on in an honest and credible way as the test pilots are independent and are not paid for carrying out the testing. We are already making great use of the result and see several different areas of use in the future as well. Smartson is also a very professional and friendly partner to work with. We would be happy to do so again!

Maria Hedström
Nordic Brand Manager, Daylong, Galderma Nordic

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