"Our vision is to be the most recommended optician"

Hi Jonas and Petter at Smarteyes! Over 19 000 people applied to become a test pilot for the Smarteyes glasses and 98 percent chose to recommend you. How does it feel?
- It feels amazing with such a huge response. And that so many wanted to participate and test our glasses, and that such a large proportion would recommend Smarteyes. We are super happy.

Why were you curious to run a campaign with Smartson?
- Our vision is to be the most recommended optician and therefore it feels natural to try this service and be transparent. It may seem a bit like a gamble, the result can be bad, but we believe in our product and our skilled employees at our 64 stores and was always quite sure of getting a good result.

What advantages do you see of using this service?
- The benefits are double edged. First and foremost, we have a great tool in the crowdscore logo, which we can use in social media and in advertisements. We are also positive that the test in itself were so open and accessible to all, through the test pilots blogs, selfies on Facebook and so on.

How will you use your crowdscore in the future?
- In multiple channels, for example, via Facebook, Instagram, our own website and in advertisements.

Smarteyes Facebook

Is there anything else you’d like to highlight?
- We experienced a consistently high level of commitment and professionalism from Smartson which connected us to the crowd the recommends them!

Campaign Page: Smart Eyes
Product: Complete eye exam + glasses
RRP : 1,499 SEK ( single vision ), 2,999 ​​SEK ( progressive ), 4,499 (SEK progressive iFree )
Client: Smart Eyes
Number of test pilots : 150
Number of applicants : 19,353
Test period: November to January
The test is conducted by Smartson no cost to test pilots. The task is to test glasses from Smarteyes and conduct an eye exam, then share the experiences through a common blog and in social channels as well as evaluate the glasses. The selected test pilots got to keep the glasses after test.