"Smartson offers a interesting way of reaching out to consumers"

Hello Kristoffer Ejebro, Nordic Product Specialist in Mobile Communications at LG! Why were you interested in sharevertising and Smartson ahead of the launch of the LG G4 in the Nordics?

- We have worked with Smartson before on a Nordic basis and it worked very well as sharevertising is an interesting way of reaching out to consumers. Using sharevertising gives us trustworthy evaluations from people, other than the traditional mobile journalists, who many people in our target group can relate to.

An impressive 100% of the test pilots would recommend the LG G4 to a friend. How does that feel??

- The fact that 100% of the Nordic test pilots choose to recommend the LG G4 to their friends feels fantastic, we were positively surprised although we know we’ve got fantastic products. Last year the LG G3 got a crowdscore of 95%, which we were pleased with, but naturally getting a score at the maximum 100% feels good.

How will you use your crowdscore?

- We’re already using Smartson’s crowdscore in different channels, we show the logo in digital ads and on our own website. It will also be seen in physical stores where there will be wobblers with Smartson’s crowdscore logo in leather next to our products. This is to reinforce our leather theme that we are using as our LG G4 has a back in genuine leather

What benefits have you seen from using Smartson?

- The LG G4 has received lots of top marks from journalists and the media but this method lets ordinary consumers test the phone as well, and leave their verdict easily. We see great value in having our product tested and assessed in an honest and credible way by ‘ordinary’ people, not just by professional testers.

Kristoffer Ejebro
Nordic Product Specialist, LG Electronics

Campaign pages: SE: https://smartson.se/resultat/lg-g4/
NO: https://smartson.no/resultat/lg-g4/
DK: https://smartson.dk/resultat/lg-g4/
FI: https://smartson.fi/tulokset/lg-g4/

Number of applicants: 23,966 consumers
Number of test pilots: 20
Test period: 14 days