"Incredibly positive and useful"

Planti want to increase the number of consumers who try and the number of consumers who use plant based products. 600,000 people in the target audience got involved through Smartson, 79,800 digital interactions were created and a huge 10,230 consumers applied to try the new Planti Soygurt EKO during 2016. Here are some of Brand Manager Sofie Zeifers thoughts about our interesting campaign.

– Planti Soygurt EKO are new on the market and we wanted people to discover them with your help. We know that many are curious but at the same time reluctant to try plant based products - they believe it won’t taste very nice.

What values would you attribute to a campaign with Smartson?

– To engage those who might not otherwise buy the product to take the plunge and try it, telling others what they thought, resulting in getting people to discover a new product is incredibly valuable. The comments we received were incredibly positive and useful, we learnt a lot about what people think about our product. Another positive is that we could control the campaign directly with our target audience which ensures it’s cost effective.

Planti recipePlanti packshots

Both the flavours that were tested received good recommendations – 91 and 92 percent. How will you use your crowdscore logos?

– The first thing we did was to show it at the Sthlm Food & Wine Fair along with people having a taste. We are also planning on putting the logo on our packaging.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

– The whole campaign went very smoothly. Both the Account Manager and the Project Manager were very helpful with what was needed to get started. Overall – not much effort from us and a positive result which we can elaborate on.

About the campaign

Product: Planti Soygurt EKO in the flavours Natural and Strawberry & Wild Strawberry
Client: Planti
Test pilots: 2 000
Applicants: 10 230
Test period: September/October 2016
Campign site: https://smartson.se/resultat/planti-soygurt-eko/