"Smartson provides invaluable input and a good spread of results to potential consumers"

The challenge

Nestlé tasked us with establishing the new product Purina Adventurous in an open and creative way in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Adventurous is a new dog snack that comes in three flavours and is sold in supermarkets.

The campaign

We invited dog owners in the target group using social media and Smartson subscribers. The test pilots got to try Adventurous under the theme “Adventure” and share their unique content with thousands of other dog owners.

The result

More than 10,900 dog owners applied to take part and more than 2,800 reviewed the product and shared their content via social media. Purina Adventurous gained a high crowdscore and was fast to communicate this excellent recommendation via TV ads, banners and social media to increase sales and trustworthiness in relation to new consumers.

Hello Ludvig Steén, Nordic Regional Brand Manager at Nestlé Purina, why were you interested in running a campaign with Smartson?

Nestlé Purina has used Smartson on many occasions and we are familiar with the process .Firstly, it’s a good way of getting invaluable input on the product and secondly successfully spreading the result to more potential consumers. It’s an easy way of getting a reliable score for your product and this can then be used in campaigns.

How do you use your crowdscore and what do you take with you from the campaign?

We’ve used our crowdscore in TVC, social media and on banners. Working with Smartson is smooth and educational too – I now know what consumers think what consumers think of our product and can act on the basis of that when planning future steps.