"We needed a target group with allergies and through Smartson we found that group very quickly. "

Louise Ottosson
Marketing Activation Manager Electrolux

Campaign site: https://smartson.se/resultat/electrolux-oxygen-luftrenare/

This spring, over 10,000 cunsumers applied through Smartson to try the Elextrolux OXYGEN Air Purifier. Louise Ottosson, Marketing Activation Manager at Electrolux, have just been presented with the result where 45 test pilots have tested, blogged and reviewed the product for 6 weeks.

Congratulations on your positive result - a total of 91% would recommend the Electrolux OXYGEN Air Purifier to friends with allergies or problems with poor air quality in the home.
- Thank you, we are very pleased with the result and it’s great that the cunsumers received help with their home environment and allergy symptoms during the test. We’ve gotten many positive cunsumer stories during this test that are now being spread digitally.

Over 10,500 people wanted to get involved and try Electrolux’s Air Purifier - what value did that create?
- It was of course very valuable for us to find the right target group and then also to activate a large proportion of consumers within this group. To retarget during and after the test was a very effective way to pin point the right consumers.

What parts of Smartson’s sharevertising would you say are most important for your product category?
- We know that consumers who want to buy products in this category and price range are primarily looking for recommendations from friends and experts and they also read reviews. We needed a target group with allergies and through Smartson we found that group very quickly which in turn created a good dialogue in social media about allergies and air purifiers, and how they can help make your life easier.

How will you communicate the result?
- We will advocate our crowdscore and the powerful quotes from the test pilots that clarifies how well the product works - OXYGEN is an important part of our product portfolio during the allergy season so we will continue our work with the result.

Would you recommend Smartson to an industry colleague?
- Absolutely, we are very satisfied with the service. Smartson handled much of the work and we didn’t have to do any micro managing which can be quite common. A tip to other brands is to choose your product carefully and to define your target group properly.