"A strong recommendation always sells products"

“Smartson has generated dedicated feedback from our craftsmen, created content for our social channels and we’ve been given a strong crowdscore that will permeate all our future communications. To set up a campaign of this magnitude by yourself takes a lot of time, but Smartson have lead it well and also summed up the entire case story in a campaign video, including all the hard data a Marketing Manager may need”.

Jonatan Andersson, Marketing Operations Manager at Fristads Kansas.

The Challenge

Smartson was asked to help establish Fristads Kansas new trousers for craftsmen in small and medium sized companies in Sweden. The campaign was part of the digital transformation they are implementing, where previously printed media, catalogues and store materials have been the cornerstones in their brand building. The goal of creating recommendations for this new release was to provide more tools to convince retailers and users who are faithful to competing manufacturers’ clothes that there’s an alternative.

The Campaign

Smartson and Fristads Kansas invited professional craftsmen to become test pilots via social channels, email and smartson.se. A total of 50 test pilots were selected to evaluate the trousers for four weeks and they shared their recommendations and experiences with other workmen. Each test pilot was asked to share texts, pictures and films about their day wearing the trousers, in an open and transparent way. This happened through public hashtags and predefined locations. Visit the campaign site for Fristads Kansas

The Result

Totaly 4,300 craftsmen applied, and 1,500 of them were directly in the primary target group. Each test pilot was given a pair of trousers branded “Test pilot”. 46 out of 47 participants who completed the full test chose to recommend the trousers to other craftsmen in the industry. Experiences and stories from the test were sent through Smartson and Fristads Kansas social channels. The recommendation they were given, 98 percent, will be used in social channels (organic/promoted), in printed catalogues, store materials and at trade shows.