"We wanted new consumers to be able to find our product in the supermarket"

Ingelsta Kalkon places its crowdscore on the packaging following a new collaboration with Smartson. Malin Ljung and Katja Hansson talk about how recommendations lift digital and in-store communications. Have a look at the new graphic material and campaign video.

Hello to Katja from Ingelsta Kalkon! You gained a high crowdscore, 97% recommend your Kalkonfärs turkey mince. How does this feel?

- It feels great! We know that people like our turkey mince in our own delicatessens, but now we can finally make it available across Sweden through supermarkets. Naturally, we had hoped for a high crowdscore but we weren’t expecting it to be quite as high as 97 percent.

This was your first campaign with us. Can you tell us why you went with Smartson for this campaign?

- We wanted new consumers to be able to find our product in the supermarket. And getting them to try cooking our turkey mince and share their experiences would make more people aware of the advantages of turkey mince. We also have some previous experience of working with Smartson from other companies, which meant we knew our turkey mince would work well in this context.

How are you using your impressive crowdscore?

- We’re using our crowdscore out in the supermarkets by marking it on our turkey mince with a sticker and we’re using it in some sales material too. We’re also sharing the great result on Facebook and sharing some of the recipes that the test pilots shared there too.

Would you recommend Smartson to a friend in the industry?

- Yes I would. It’s a good way of quickly getting feedback on a product and getting new consumers to try it. We can use the result on in-store material, on our website and on Facebook to get consumers to buy our turkey mince.

Campaign page: Ingelsta Kalkonfärs
Product: Finaste Kalkonfärs
Client: Ingelsta Kalkon AB
Number of test pilots: 1000
Number of applicants: 13,863
Test period: October/November 2015
The test is conducted by Smartson free of charge for the test pilots. The task is to test the product and share your experiences through a common blog and on social channels as well as to evaluate the product after the test.