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K-rauta’s view on omnichannel marketing

The house building and do-it-yourself segment is becoming more and more popular, and the Omnichannel marketing work in retail and construction products is more important than ever. In today’s episode of “Smartson Meets”, we have a chat with K-rauta’s Digital Marketing Manager Hugo Perlskog and talked about brand digitalisation, storytelling and the power of a recommendation in the customer’s purchase journey. K-rauta’s brand development We learn more about K-rauta’s choice of channel and how the brand has used the digital arena to establish a close dialogue with its customers - from the conceptual films with Finnish actor Jarmo Mäkinen in the lead, to the tactical presence in social media and guiding content on the company’s websites.


Learn from N!CKS successful launch strategy

Today Smartson meets Hanna Granebring at the fast growing N!CKS to learn about practical and tactical examples of how a new brand is built from scratch. With tools like strategic playfulness, straightforward attitude and a digital presence in everything created, the launch has taken off really well, both visually and sales wise. On the subject ”Smartson meets”, we continue our journey to share our inspirational knowledge from committed individuals we have had the chance to meet or collaborate with.