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Today’s customers are won with tomorrow’s sales strategy

The researcher, author and lecturer Malin Sundström specialises in the development of digital trade and consequences for future buying behaviour. Malin works at the Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing (SIIR), whose aim is to offer a research environment where trading companies can develop new business ideas and digital strategies. During the breakfast seminar ”Forward thinking with Smartson”, Malin shared her thoughts about Sweden’s success in digitisation and how it’s paved the way for the modern consumer’s buying behaviour which means that the trade is forced to change its strategies and approaches – the time has come for digitised trading and marketing.


2017: The Year Of The Micro-Influencers

A study by HelloSociety, which was acquired last year by the New York Times, shows that ”micro”-influencers, or accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers, are more beneficial for marketers to work with. Quality over quantity Using celebrities will give you a high reach, thousands or even millions of followers, but the problem is the credibility. – When it comes to celebrity accounts, who have maybe millions of followers nobody actually believes that a celebrity is a real fan of a product they’re trying to sell, says Kyla Brennan – founder and CEO of HelloSociety.


Nestlé’s Ludvig Steén: Why user-generated content is important

In a time which is increasingly governed by algorithms and data, it’s easy to forget about the human factor in today’s marketing. It is the marketer’s job to absorb all this information and then create content with quality and relevance for the intended audience. This is something Nestlé’s Ludvig Steén talked about when he gave an inspiring performance at Smartson’s seminar series Forward Thinking. With the ear to the ground and the finger on the pulse, we’ll find tomorrow’s customers”


Recommendations generates new visits with opticians

We meet up with Optician Carl Fredrik Kanington at Lenson for a conversation about opticians, recommendations and the new exciting lenses we can find today. Lenson have done several campaigns together with Smartson in the recent years, what would you say is the key values of the collaboration? – There’s currently a technology development in the market with new materials and solutions to prevent dry eyes. At the same time, many consumers are still using old contact lenses.


Cetaphil’s successful launch with strong recommendations

The challenge of creating a foundation for a successful launch together with many ideas and a tight budget is often a difficult nut to crack. Maria Hedström, Nordic Brand Manager at Galderma, talks about the launch of the skincare brand Cetaphil in Sweden and how the use of storytelling and a well thought through recommendation strategy really made the launch successful. Cetaphil is one of the world’s largest skincare brands and is available in 68 countries.

Brand building

When bad turns to good - user generated content building trust

Studies and articles over the last few years have shown that negative reviews can be good for business. Not only does negative reviews call for an interesting read from consumers, they are also bringing trust in the matter. Consumers today have never been so educated before consuming products and services. They take part in the online conversation that includes, among a lot of other things, reviews and user generated content and true experiences.