The concept has proven to work well regardless of the type of product
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We’ll help you find your target audience with a relevant message in a cost-effective way. We have 390,000 followers across seven countries.


Let customers share likeable stories about your brand in social media. 68% find our content relevant and inspiring.


Put your product in the hands of consumers and earn their trust. 84% consider a recommendation from us to have high credibility.


Several studies have shown that recommendation increases sales. 52% bought a product based on a Smartson recommendation.

In the Core of the Media Landscape

Credibility cuts through in all channels and genuine content is an expensive currency, however when real, it works efficiently in both traditional as well as “new” channels. You will find us in the core of this landscape, providing content that can be displayed and used in various channels. Testimonials, images, videos and reviews are some of the examples we love to create for you.

A Campaign Step by Step

  • 1
    We produce everything
  • 2
    Invitation of test pilots
  • 3
    Onboarding and distribution
  • 4
    People test and share stories
  • 5
    Testimonials and Crowdscore
  • 6
    Always On
    Engage more customers over time