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Travel lovers are invited to experience Roslagen

June 5, 2017


Karl Händel

Visit Roslagen and Smartson join forces this summer for a big initiative to share experiences with 12 dedicated travel teams. The assignment focuses on user recommendations and will generate genuine content for digital channels such as YouTube and Instagram.

The tourism industry is developing rapidly, and recommendations have become an increasingly important part of travellers’ choice of destination, accommodation and related experiences. Services like TripAdvisor and Airbnb are formed by users’ own experiences and reviews with the vision that others will make good choices. Visit Roslagen’s CEO Gisela Norén develops the thoughts of an industry in rapid change with many actors who attract visitors.

– There is tough competition for visitors in Sweden today and many other destinations have become really popular, making it even more important for us to stay and become an even more attractive destination. Smartson’s vision is also very current by allowing consumers to build brands through relevant user-generated content. With their help, we can reach all of Sweden using innovative ways and show our region’s breadth and attractiveness.

Experiencing the uniqueness of the region

Together with Smartson, 12 travel teams (a total of 24 people) will visit the region during the summer of 2017. Each team will conduct different video assignments based on six different experience packages. The participants get the assignment presented through a specially produced film where Smartson’s Ulf Rödholm presents the challenge with a tongue in cheek seriousness. An important criterion for everyone involved is that they love to tell and share their experiences through their own video content.

– Smartson’s travel team will use video as a way to embrace the role of travel journalists. We will include kayaking, golfing, spa, training and motorsports, explains Ulf Rödholm who is the project manager at Smartson.

Ulf, who originally is from Gothenburg, sees great potential in the new partner, despite his descent.

– What makes Roslagen unique is the combination of the archipelago - there are 13,000 islands and open sea with never ending horizons, small charming towns and historical environments. We hope participants will try out different experiences with great interest and taste locally produced dishes and drinks that Roslagen has to offer.

Destinations thrive as a strong host

Social media and its influence increases transparency in the industry - your tour operators’ directories and magazines aren’t the only ones that controls the choice of resort. Travel experiences in social media are central to many consumers, which we are also expected to see in this summer’s campaign.

– This is a great way to get visitors to experience different parts of Roslagen, which they can then share with relatives and friends throughout Sweden. The interesting thing today is that we can no longer control what our visitors write and how we will be perceived. Therefore, it becomes even more important to continue to work as a great host and provide quality assurances with the actors who provide Roslagen’s offerings. If this goes well, we aren’t opposed to invite travellers from our primary countries outside of Sweden – Germany and the Netherlands, concludes Gisela Norén.

Do you want to experience Roslagen this summer? Read all about the assignment.

Read more about the participating partners

Åtellet - Activities at Roslagens Golf Club
Nässlingen - Health theme, Food & Training
Gimo Herrgård - Activities such as Speedway/Spa/High rope course
Traneving Outdoor - Outdoor life course with overnight stay in tents
Marholmen - Adventures at Gräddö Kayak & Outdoor life
Siaröfortet - Blidösund boat trip + island activities

About Visit Roslagen

Visit Roslagen is Roslagens destination company owned by Österåkers, Norrtäljes and Östhammas municipality together with approximately 160 companies and associations in Roslagen. The company operates tourist agencies and participates in various destination development projects as well as markets and sells tourist based services and products in Roslagen. Website:

Contact: Gisela Norén, CEO Visit Roslagen
Telephone: 073-822 51 55

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