New way to engage consumers in grocery stores across all seven markets

January 5, 2017


Malin Ljung

The Nordic region’s most established service for social recommendation marketing has created an innovative retail promotion solution that can be used across all seven markets.

A powerful alternative to sending out test products

– Our clients haven’t been able to directly engage consumers in grocery stores in the other Nordic countries. In Sweden, ClearOn is a strong partner for vouchers – something that has been missing until today in our other countries. Smartson’s new service is independent of vouchers or specific chains, explains Karl Händel – CEO at Smartson.

Polarbröd is first in Norway

First to try Smartson’s new approach to attract, engage and convert new consumers is Maria Lidberg, Product Manager at Polarbröd AB. The new technology was tested at the launch of Polarbröd Mykt Tynnbrød in Norway.

– Mykt Tynnbrød is a completely new and different type of bread in Norway. For the Norwegian market, it was important to highlight the bread’s versatility. Through Smartson’s new approach, the Norwegian consumers were engaged to test the bread. Tasteful recipe images have been published on social media and inspired others to test our new bread. It was very valuable during the first week of launch, to have test pilots share pictures on our Instagram account, highlighting the bread’s versatility.

 New technology creates the ability to directly engage consumers in grocery stores across more markets.

A great opportunity for all participants

– We look at the possibilities of strengthening this approach for both brands and consumers in 2017. Previously, we sent food through packages which is costly in large volumes, but our first case with Polarbröd in Norway shows that our new model for both fresh and frozen groceries works outside of Sweden, says Karl Händel, Smartson.

Do you want to know more about Smartson’s new model for FMCG? As of January 1st, 2017, we are carrying out campaigns in grocery stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. Learn more about Smartson’s services here:

Karl Händel - CEO Smartson