Learn from N!CKS successful launch strategy

September 19, 2017


Jonny Jonasson

Today Smartson meets Hanna Granebring at the fast growing N!CKS to learn about practical and tactical examples of how a new brand is built from scratch. With tools like strategic playfulness, straightforward attitude and a digital presence in everything created, the launch has taken off really well, both visually and sales wise.

On the subject ”Smartson meets”, we continue our journey to share our inspirational knowledge from committed individuals we have had the chance to meet or collaborate with. Do you have recommendations on topics we should raise or people we should meet? Feel free to contact us at today.

Today’s meeting

We visit Hanna Granebring at Solna Business Park, northwest of Stockholm City centre. As the Marketing Manager at N!CKS (LUB foods), she has immense strategic but also practical responsibility. Previous experiences from studies at Bergh’s School of Communication and work at Stena Line, Unilever and ifoodbag are part of Hanna’s extensive background which makes her accustomed to orient the digital landscape. During the interview, Hanna also talks about engaging consumers through Smartson’s platform.

Headlines from the clip

0:27 About Hanna Granebring – Marketing Manager at N!CKS

0:50 What is smart marketing

1:59 The importance of clear communication from the start

2:38  How social media works to build loyalty and insight

5:10 Key factors from the collaboration with Smartson

Interviewer: Karl Händel
Photo and editing: Jonny Jonasson