K-rauta’s view on omnichannel marketing

November 10, 2017


Jonny Jonasson

The house building and do-it-yourself segment is becoming more and more popular, and the Omnichannel marketing work in retail and construction products is more important than ever. In today’s episode of “Smartson Meets”, we have a chat with K-rauta’s Digital Marketing Manager Hugo Perlskog and talked about brand digitalisation, storytelling and the power of a recommendation in the customer’s purchase journey.

K-rauta’s brand development

We learn more about K-rauta’s choice of channel and how the brand has used the digital arena to establish a close dialogue with its customers - from the conceptual films with Finnish actor Jarmo Mäkinen in the lead, to the tactical presence in social media and guiding content on the company’s websites.

Hugo Perlskog has been involved in building K-rauta’s e-commerce and is also responsible for the brand’s digital marketing in Sweden. After completing several campaigns together, we are inspired by Hugo’s work and his sense of tact when it comes to digital strategy. You can watch the whole interview here:

Headlines in the video

0:38 - What is smart marketing for you
2:05 - Can you tell us about K-rautas brand journey?
2:38 - What role does consumer recommendations play?
2:57 - What are your key ingredients for a successful social media strategy?
3:54 - How would you describe the collaboration with Smartson?
4:44 - Do you have any specific highlight during the Smartson activities?
5:17 - Finally, do you have any inspiring tips for marketers?

There’s a part of the interview where Hugo refers to the value of creating user-generated content together with Smartson’s test pilots. See examples of that on the campaign pages for FXA 18V Xclick and ESSVE HDS Installation Tool.

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Interviewer and text: Karl Händel
Photo and editing: Jonny Jonasson and Alvaro Cabezas