How to reach your audience within the outdoor segment

November 6, 2017


Karl Händel

How does the consumer’s purchase journey look in the outdoor life segment? We meet with Signe Vognsen de Vos from Oase Outdoors in Denmark to learn more about how a global company works to build proximity with the final consumer in every step. We start with the topic smart marketing and finish off with five hot tips.

– Today, we have amazing tools to get to know our customers and what engages them. Smart marketing for me is when you can connect data and commitment to create good results in different markets.

Jutland as a starting point for the world

This time we turn our heads towards the south and Denmark’s Jutland, where Signe Vognsen de Vos is active. She has 20 years of marketing and studies at Aalborg University behind her, and her experience of market communication is further developed in a global market. What needs does a camper in Denmark have versus a camper in Japan or Colombia? How the communication develops in the different parts of the purchase journey is all part of the daily work.

How do you communicate over 40 markets?

As the Department Manager Online, your work stretches across the 40 markets that Oase Outdoor is active in. The company develops, designs and sells innovative equipment for camping and outdoor activities under the three brands Outwell, Easy Camp and Robens. Signe explains how digitalisation has become increasingly central to the dialogue with the end customers, but also how internal processes and communication change at an ever increasing pace.

– Today’s outdoor consumers are very keen on their purchase price - from being inspired by others, visiting fairs and using digital platforms to ask and learn about everything from material selection to accessories. Simply put, it’s about the individual’s or the family’s house during the summer vacation, and that it will work well in the end.

The meeting is important

As digitalisation grows, presence has become even more central, although Oase Outdoor only sells its products through external resellers. Communication becomes a meeting instead of a monologue in everything they create.

– It is really important to use the different channels for dialogue and also understand how the consumer use the products. We see how consumers all over the world use our tents and accessories. To me, a good brand is equal to good service – therefore, support is important for guiding the end consumer to the right choice.

The power of user-generated content and recommendations

During the summer of 2017 we were able to follow how genuine content was created around the Outwell Whitecove 5 tent, focusing on the YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and channels. The camping test pilots really put the tent on trial - through rain, wind and sunshine. During the collaboration, more than 600,000 consumers were reached in the target audience and 91% of all 44 participants created content in social media during the period.

– This collaboration is very interesting and covers the needs of both the brand but also the consumer’s multi-stage purchase journey. For our industry, Smartson’s model is very interesting as it’s so effective in creating and spreading recommendations. We get scope, content, insights and a crowdscore we can use. We look with interest at how the user’s own content can help our business move forward in an open manner in several markets in the future.

Signe’s tips: 5 things to keep track of for the outdoor the consumer decision journey

– Digital presence on the right platforms – guidance content inspires.
– Search ability in all markets – review your SEO for all countries.
– Support and dialogue are high priority – always fast, accessible and service minded.
– Clear position at fairs – a great place to reach super users who influence others.
– Work with test groups or ambassadors who are active in social channels.