How Philips TV adapt their communication to the future

February 22, 2017


Karl Händel

We arrive one foggy morning in Kista – one of the main centres in Stockholm for global brands and development - to acquire some new expertise. We are meeting with Joella Skoogh at Philips TV/TP Vision, a digital communicator from Gothenburg who’s been schooled in marketing in a vibrant New York.

It all started at Long Island

Her journey started with three years of studies at the Long Island University and then onto the agency Creative Media Marketing before landing in Stockholm.

– Today my role is Nordic Marketing Communications Manager for Philips TV. My days are filled with planning campaigns, banners, native advertising, contests, social media content and advertising. I also plan the strategic PR work for the Nordic market.

Ambilight at the start

At the Nordic HQ we are greeted by the latest in display technology and smart TV functions. A striking challenge is to always communicate a new technology effectively.

– Our experience is that Nordic consumers in general are very educated before they visit the store. Therefore the purchase journey begins with the inspiration of our patented functionality Ambilight, which enhances the viewing experience by radiating light and colours on the wall behind the TV to match the scenes on the screen.

Ownership and tone are important

The daily work with global brands often provides good backing from the head office regarding press materials, photos and films. However, Joella adds, there’s great emphasis on local ownership.

– We are given great material directly from our HQ in the Netherlands, but we need to be responsive and understanding of the local market. It is important that we look at what works and what doesn’t work, in let’s say social media, in the local market.

Recommendation works well in the Nordics

The conversation leads us towards the future and the rapid digitalisation that’s prevailing in trade.

– I strongly believe that consumers will continue to educate themselves on a higher level. Classic advertising will not get the same effect. Advertising can provide a feeling, but the consumers are looking for information on their own. Therefore, we will see more clearly that consumers have a strong idea of what they want before they even get to the store.

Over 14,000 potential customers raised their hands

Smartson was hired in connection of the launch of the Philips Ambilight TV 55PUS6501, making a great example of how the consumer is an important creator in today’s marketing.

– Here we include the Smartson way as part of the purchase journey – Philips gets the chance to create awareness and let consumers try Ambilight and share their recommendations with others who are curious about the colourful entertainment. We recieved great interest and over 14,200 people applied to the 14 spaces. Afterwards, we created direct sales through Elgiganten when we communicated Smartson’s crowdscore via email offers. Through the campaign, we could also spread the message about the Ambilight during the fall, when people are sat in the dark and watch TV the most.

User-generated content creates a new dimension

Creating this type of content for different occasions and audiences is crucial when traditional media and advertising do not have the same impact.

– Smartson’s co-creators provide a clear identification for the buyer which can generate experience based content. Smartson’s crowdscore also works in all the Nordic countries, just as an award from; for example, a technology magazine in Denmark would work in Sweden. Smartson have a strong advantage with their knowledge, and we hope to see more features on how the content from the test pilots may appear in other ways, such as price comparison sites to a greater extent.

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