Electrolux brings consumer recommendation into the digital purchase journey

December 14, 2016


Karl Händel

As 2016 is drawing to an end, we look forward to increasing our knowledge on digital opportunities together with industry experts.

Today we meet Diana Münz from Electrolux at the relaxed but bustling Haymarket in Stockholm – we’re talking about digital purchase journeys, successful campaigns and how user-generated content creates colourful results beyond the ordinary.

We also talk about how Electrolux is moving towards its fourth year with a focus on content marketing as a tool to educate, engage and convert consumers through digital channels.

All activities to be scheduled, measured and analysed based on the business objectives.

A specialist in Digital and Strategic Communication

Diana’s role as Nordic PR and Social Media Manager means the tempo is high for her. For one of the largest brands in white goods and household product industry, they need all activities to be scheduled, measured and analysed based on the business objectives.

– I have overall responsibility for Electrolux PR and social media in the Nordic markets. That means we strategically follow the company’s marketing goals in all channels – from the content on our websites to engaging and educating consumers in different phases. And it’s not only on product specific campaigns but also on trends, inspiration and lifestyle for the various segments.


Three years of content marketing strategy

For anyone who follows Electrolux’s digital work, we have seen a clear focus in the last three years regarding the presentation of products and content related to the company’s product range. Diana talks about the digital purchase journey.

– The strategy has been very clear and we are constantly working to create inspiring and engaging content wherever the consumer is. It is important to know that the digital shopping journey is different if you’re looking to replace all of your kitchen appliances compared to the more spontaneous buy of a handheld vacuum cleaner. Our work is based on our websites along with everything being connected with social media, native advertising, banners and various types of retargeting.

Storytelling on a developed category

– Before the campaign with Smartson started, we assumed that recommendations from friends and acquaintances are one of the most valuable results a brand can achieve from a marketing perspective. 14,500 of our potential customers sought to try the Electrolux Ultra power ZB5022 through Smartson, and they learned more about how we have developed the product over time, which was very effective. We received over 100 YouTube reviews from across the country.


Colourful content

The mission was to review the vacuum cleaner through YouTube – and it became a massive hit. Diana tells how she thinks the consumer voice complements their own content in an interesting way.

Over 100 YouTube reviews from across the country.

– We received over 100 YouTube reviews from across the country, which is very good and it’s inspiring that all participants would recommend the product to a friend. The combination of the crowdscore and the genuine reviews from the consumers who participated becomes very powerful. The colourful, honest and not staged material really brings life to our strategy, and it’s not as fact driven as when we ourselves create materials for our products.

All time high – 16.1% engagement rate

When the reviews were compiled, Electrolux put up various campaigns to spread the story to more consumers in the target group. A carousel ad on Facebook with the crowdscore and video reviews became a sensational engagement hit.

– When we started to distribute the user-generated material together with Smartson’s crowdscore, we broke all previous records for engagement rate. With 16.1%, we had the best campaign in the entire EMEA region during the month of September, which is absolutely amazing.


Precise processes for recommendations

Electrolux have very precise processes on how they want to work with the recommendations and how quickly they can distribute them across the Nordic region - and also how they should be implemented in their own channels.

– When it comes to recommendations, Smartson is a very good partner. Their crowdscore is also well established which is an advantage for quick and clear communication in different channels. One thing I look forward to is how Smartson in the future will develop new, quick video formats that can be sent across our own, Smartson’s and external channels.

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