"A satisfying relationship with good results and fast feedback - I am very happy"

Hello Julia Kronlund, Business Manager at Sevan! Your hummus got a high crowdscore - 80% would recommend your product. Did you expect that?
- I had actually hoped for a higher score but I was also worried that we could get a lower one. Hummus is a bit special, something that many people might be unfamiliar with. Perhaps some people wouldn’t find it very appealing to try becasue it’s a bit different but it was great to see so many people signing up for it and also recommend it.

How will you use your crowdscore?
- We will make shelf wobblers and also on-pack stickers for the product so the recommendation is clear. That way you get a wide reach and it’s also visible in store.

What advantages do you think comes with using Smartson’s sharevertising?
- I think the material you get from the the questions at the start of the campaign is great, it gives you a great foundation to build on. Since our product is new, it can be tricky to know how much reach it will get and what the cunsumers will think of it. It’s also a good way to get a clear picture and review of the product, but also to find out how viable it is.

Would you recommend Smartson to your industry colleagues?
- I would, absolutely. If you need to get people to pay attention to a certain product, sharevertising is a great way of doing it - for example, if it’s not well known, has a new flavour or it’s been developed further. If you don’t have much research or tests previously on what cunsumers think, then it’s a great way to ask those questions. The campaign worked really well.

Is there anything else you’d like to highlight?
- No it’s been a satisfying relationship with good results and fast feedback - I am very happy!

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