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People Trust People

Earning consumer trust is key to your success. Studies show that word-of-mouth recommendations among family and friends are the most influential, because real stories from real people is a feeling of trust in itself. This is something we’ve taken to our heart and we believe that great products deserve to be experienced with the people you care about.

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How do you want to be perceived? Curious, innovative and transparent? Use our services to build loyalty to your brand and generate content for the digital age. You provide the product – we provide reach, engagement and likeable content from your brand ambassadors. It’s marketing with a big heart.

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Reach Your Audience

Finding the right target audience is a passion of ours, social media marketing another one. With optimised targeting and a friendly message we’ll help you find your target audience. And, just to brag a little, we are proud to have over 390,000 followers in our different channels – this equals power and vitality to your campaign.

Reach your audience


Explore Seven Markets

Go big with Smartson! Empowered consumers engage through us in an open and trustworthy way. We have friends across seven countries, all waiting to become your next brand ambassadors.

Our approach in four steps

This is how we would like to help you


Step 1

Let’s Take Off

We strive to make your journey as smooth, easy and fun as possible. That’s why we take care of everything from start to finish. Producing campaign materials, engaging with your audience and live reporting. Our ambition is to fit all kinds of brands and services - always with your marketing goals as our benchmark and passion.

Curious about the basic package? Check out our video below
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    Basic Package

Step 2

Attract by Curiosity

The first wave of engagement happens in social media, earned and bought channels. By inviting consumers to share opinions, a passionate meeting between user and brand takes place. After hundreds of campaigns, we have the experience to find your target audience in an open, friendly and transparent way.

Longing for awesome invitations? Check out this video
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    Invitation Social Media

Step 3

Engage by Experience

The experience of trying your product or service in the proper environment sets stories in motion. We provide test pilots with the right instruments and inspiration for sharing their experiences. This results in fast paced communication, interaction on social media and through word-of-mouth.

Would you like to set stories in motion? This video explains it all
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    Social Spin

Step 4

Convert by Recommendations

The Smartson crowdscore combined with testimonials is a great social endorsement for your product. A strong recommendation will increase revenue and become a natural part of your communication. We support you with a pallet of tools on how to use the crowdscore - everything from placing the logo on pack to strategies on how to find new leads and shoppers online.

Ready to convert by recommendations? This is one way to do it
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    Crowdscore Promotion

Creative meeting

Interested in how we work? We will visit you and present our concept during a one hour meeting.


Web presentation

Curious, but on a tight schedule? Let’s set up a 20 minute web presentation with a shared screen.

What Our Customers say

Don’t take our word for it – this is what our clients say about us

"It is a very effective way to reach a wider mass that you as a company cannot buy, and many listen to recommendations from friends and acquaintances."

Alexander Bastin

Alexander Bastin

"Our collaboration with Smartson provided reach for our brand, user generated content that could be used on social media channels and on the site as well as conversion ratio. Smartson understands our brand identity, our tone of voice, and also keeps a neutral tone of voice for Smartson itself. "

Hugo Perlskog

Hugo Perlskog

"Tasteful recipe images have been published on social media and inspired others to test our new bread. It was very valuable during the first week of launch, to have test pilots share pictures on our Instagram account, highlighting the bread’s versatility."

Maria Lidberg

Maria Lidberg

"The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability."

- Simon Mainwaring


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